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Say Goodbye To Bad Odours The World's First True Odour Eliminator

Pongone Selection of Odour Neutralisers & Deodorisers
Get rid of odours in approx 2.8 seconds (yes…we actually timed it)

No More

Masking odours with Endless air fresheners

No More

Embarrassing pet odours that won’t go away

No More

Smelly homes

Nobody Likes A Bad Smell…

Damp smelly pets, toilets, bins, public transport, onions, shoes (especially gym shoes), the list goes on!

But what do you do when most air fresheners that claim to get rid of the smell, simply mask it!?

Lady standing with a smelly bin - Remove bad smell odour remover
Lady standing with a smelly bin - Remove bad smell odour remover

Meet Pongone


Aren’t you fed up with buying air “fresheners” that simply mask odours but don’t actually get rid of the smell?

I’m Pongone and I help you make your environment enjoyable again, just give me a squeeze and the smell will be destroyed with ease (I’m also a bit of a poet as you can tell…)

What People Are Saying


Enjoy An Odour-Free Home Again

Don’t let bad smells get you down! Come back to a fresh smelling home every day with Pongone.


Our Crazy “Pong-Free” Guarantee


With The World’s First And Only Odour Destroyer, Your Home Will Never Smell Of ‘Dog’ Again!

In Fact, We’re So Confident That You’ll Love Pongone…

We Have A ‘No Quibble’, Empty Bottle Guarantee* On All Of Our Products.

If Your Home Doesn’t Smell Great Again, Then We’ll Return Your Money, No Questions Asked.

But We Know You’ll Love Pongone The Same As All Our Other Customers Do.

Enjoy An Odour-Free Home Again

Try Pongone today with our RISK-FREE 100% Money-Back Guarantee and say goodbye to bad odours and embaressing smells.