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Odour Removal Tested and backed by science

Whilst most air fresheners rely on trying to “overpower” a scent and have to be applied again and again… Pongone triggers a reaction that mineralises odoriferous molecules at the source. This means bad odours can be eliminated (not just masked) in a matter of seconds. 

Pongone graph showing biodegradation of odours compared to air fresheners

Non-Toxic & Pet-Friendly Odour Remover

Having an enjoyable environment shouldn’t have to mean using nasty chemical products or spraying tonnes of “air freshener”. Because Pongone uses a powerful plant-based active ingredient, it’s completely non-toxic and safe to use around the home



Recyclable Aluminium Bottle

Safe yet extremely effective, you can be sure that Pongone will remove those stubborn, long term smells, whilst treating one off surprises. Application can be effective for days, leaving problem areas smelling fresh and clean again and full of wonderful aromas meaning; leaving you to finally enjoy your home again!

With our Money-Back Guarantee


Destroys Odours

Don’t waste money on air fresheners that claim to remove the smell, but simply mask it. The unique formula in Pongone gets to work on destroying odours at the source


Safe & Non-Toxic

Your home should be a place of safety and comfort for family and pets which is why the active ingredient in Pongone is plant-based. We’ve worked hard to ensure that Pongone is free of nasty chemicals making it completely safe and non-toxic


Long-Lasting & Highly Effective

Because Pongone destory odours at the source, the effect is long-lasting, meaning you don’t need to constantly be spraying throughout the day. 

The End Of Bad Odours

Pongone Commercial Odour Remover On Kitchen Surface

Enjoy An Odour-Free Home Again

Try Pongone today with our RISK-FREE 100% Money-Back Guarantee and say goodbye to bad odours and embaressing smells.